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The Group of companies “Tri-E” is a holding that performs the equipment delivery and maintenance, and implementation of the end-to-end solutions for the gas stations and car washes.

For more than 15 years since its foundation Tri-E has equipped more than 1200 gas stations and over 50 car washes. 300 gas stations and 37 car washes are permanently serviced by Tri-E maintenance department. The Group of companies ‘Tri-E’ represents the leading European and US manufacturers of the processing equipment in the Russian market.

Nowadays Tri-E is a highly developed holding that provides all services required for the gas stations and car washes implementation and operation all over Russia. We deliver, install, start-up and service all gas stations and car washes equipment, and we maintain engineering systems and processing equipment of all types.

Our priorities are the satisfaction of our clients’ demand by thorough elaboration of the projects, search for new processing solutions and persistent enhancement of cooperation processes with our partners and clients.