Automated Gas Stations

The car market has been increasing rapidly in the recent years and there is a significant number of land spots that can be bought that are too small for the construction of a traditional gas station – these factors initiated the compact fuel stations designing.

Such projects allow the construction of a one- or two-islands station on the site with an area of 120 sq. m. and more and exclude the significant expenses concerning the installation of water supply and sewerage systems.

Automated gas stations can be located in the centers of large cities, where there is a traditional lack of space for construction, at small sites next to the large trade centers, in densely populated dormitory areas as well as at large transport enterprises.

Advantages of automated (unmanned) gas stations:

•    Optimization of land rent/purchase expenses
•    Optimization of construction expenses
•    Reduction of the municipal charges
•    Reduction of the wage fund
•    Increase of daily fuel sales due to the shortening of a fueling time
•    Opportunity of retail fuel price reduction due to the operational costs shortening
•    Elimination of losses connected with the negligent actions by the gas station personnel  

There are two groups of the automated gas stations’ projects that we offer:

Compact and Compact Plus
Optimum and Optimum Plus


The main advantage of the automated gas station is the opportunity to organize its operation without the on-site employees. Main processes are controlled by the control center operator that may be located at the existing traditional gas station of the same chain or in the special service building located on one of the stations.

One control center is able to monitor the operation of up to four gas stations. The monitoring data concerning the condition of the fuel tanks, video and fire safety systems’ signals is sent to the workplace of the operator. One more employee on duty at the shift is set ready to depart to the sites in case of emergency as well as to control the reception of fuel and encashment.

Equipment required for an automated gas station:

•    Fuel dispenser/pump Global Star  
•    Outdoor payment terminal Nordic Pay  
•    Outdoor payment terminal management system
•    Electronic fuel management and commercial accounting system SiteSentinel iTouch  
•    Vapor recovery
•    Lightning protective system
•    Video surveillance and customer intercom system

Buildings and reservoirs for an automated gas station:

•    Service building
•    Shed
•    Double-wall fuel tanks
•    Reservoir for fuel emergency dumping